August 2, 2019
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August 3, 2019




The biggest issue for the whole globe “pollution“. That thing which makes us ill and which makes the environment so harmful that it becomes difficult to survive in that environment. In early days the whole earth was pollution-free at that time there was neither any technology nor any scientific growth nor any other things was available which can cause pollution. In today’s date, the biggest problem for us is pollution as we know there are several types of pollution. Water pollution, air pollution, etc. We sometimes ignore such problems in our daily life which results in sickness.

Issues caused by pollution

As we know that there are several types of pollution for example water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, etc. In India, our Prime Minister Mr Modi Ji had started a few years ago “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which given result for a few years only. According to this Abhiyan, it is given the message to not throw any dust on the road. As we see that many people eat pan gutka and also all the dust of there home they throw all these things on road, not on any dustbin. Also, these people throw all dust in rivers lakes and ponds which causes pollution. So to avoid these things Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started in this everywhere on road dustbin available in which people can easily throw their dust in it. But nowadays people don’t do it they spreading pollution in the same way as they did in pas.

Types of pollution

  1. Water pollution.    Soil contamination.     7.   Plastic pollution.    10.   Littering
  2. Thermal pollution.     Noise pollution.          8.   Visual pollution.     11.    Light pollution
  3. Air pollution.      Plastic pollution.       9.    Radioactive contamination

Discussion of some pollution for which it is necessary to take precautions

Water pollution

Water pollutionWater pollution is caused when waste products are discharged to lakes, rivers, ponds and seas. As we know that in the village area people collect their wastes and discharge all those wastes is either rivers or lakes or ponds. Industries also discharge their wastes in rivers and seas. We, humans, have lots of sources by which we get pure water but animals Don’t have any choice they used to drink water from rivers, lakes, ponds and seas.

Thermal pollution

An Induced change in the temperature of a large amount of water causes thermal pollution. Thermal pollution leads to the degradation of water quality as sometimes warm water does not provide ideal living conditions for aquatic species (flora and fauna).

Air pollution

Air pollutionAir pollution causes when pollutants are discharged into the air. The polluted gases released from the air conditioner, from vehicles (cars, buses, vans, trucks, bikes etc), from industries then it causes air pollution. We need to avoid air pollution because it is also the reason for global warming.

 Soil contamination

Soil pollutionSoil pollution cases when wastes are discharged into the soil such as waste plastics, and other dust when gets buried under the soil than it causes soil pollution. Soil pollution causes degradation and may affect crops too.

Noise pollution

Noise PollutionNoise pollution caused due to unnecessary or unpleasant sounds is produced which disturbs the whole environment and are injurious to animals and plants. Unpleasant sounds produced by traffic, loudspeakers industries, machinery etc are some sources which cause noise pollution.

Light pollution

Light PollutionLight pollution causes due to anthropogenic light. It causes due to several reasons like the excessive lightening of streets, floodlights used in stadium, lights used in industrial areas etc.

Plastic pollution

Plastic PollutionAs we know that plastic is that thing which can cause cancer it’s daily use as a bottle of milk for babies, plastic tiffins, water bottles, plastic packing, etc are injurious to health. We need to avoid the use of plastics. Because sometimes the thing which we use made of plastic are manufactured from those industries who recycle waste products.


We need to avoid polluting our environment instead of ignoring such things because pollution is effecting global warming also.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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