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August 3, 2019
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August 7, 2019



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In today’s date we all to take insurance of anything like our vehicles, our house, or any building, or ourselves to that’s called life insurance. In India, there are so many life insurance companies. Like HDFC Bank, LIC Bank, Sahara Bank( not available), policybazar.com, State bank of India, Etc. We will discuss all types of  insurance and their importance

Types of insurance

There several types of insurance. You can buy all types of insurance like property, life, health, travel, automobile, and all others. One can buy insurance for anything and everything life, medical, expenses, personal vehicle (car, scooter, bike, cycle etc), commercial vehicles, machine (Mobile phone, laptop, Television, washing machine, air conditioner, tablet, desktop, air cooler, air blower, inverter, etc), furnitures ( table, chair, bed, sofa etc), stock of raw material, and or finished products in a factory.

Importance of insurance

Insurance is important for everyone as we all know that our life is precious not for us but our family. And if we are breadwinner at home if are responsible for our family than it is also our responsibility that if either we die accidentally or anything serious happened to us than in case we have insurance that supports the family so that family can’t stay hungry even if we die also. Also, some people take insurance of body parts like hand, legs, eyes etc. Health insurance like cancer insurance is a very necessary thing because it happens that sometimes due to the shortage of money family can’t afford to provide proper treatment of cancer. Some people take insurance of vehicle in case if it is stolen or anything happened wrong than company gives money also we take insurance of property in case anything happened wrong than company gives money and so on.

Insurance companies

In India, there are so many insurance companies. Nowadays policybazar.com is streaming it gives health insurance and cancer insurance. Also, a list of some insurance companies is listed below.

L I C (Life insurance company)
ICICI Bank  ( life insurance)
SBI [State Bank of India (life insurance)]
HDFC (HDFC Standard life insurance)
MAX life insurance
Bajaj Allianz Life insurance
Birla Sun Life insurance
Reliance Life insurance ( Reliance Nippon Life insurance)
TATA AIA Life insurance
Max Bupa Health insurance
Apollo Munich health insurance company limited
Star Health and Allied insurance company


How does it work?

InsuranceSuppose you taken insurance of any object like any machines, vehicles or types of furniture. Then in case if it is broken or if it is stolen or anything happened wrong with your objects than company give money to repair it. Yes, you need to give money monthly to the company. Asli if you take insurance of health than if you are suffering from any deadly disease than in case company provides you money for treatment. Those who don’t take insurance such people need to sell their properties or jewellery for treatment but insurance is that thing which gives support and doesn’t lead you to sell your things at a bad time.


I suggest everybody take insurance of at least your health and also take insurance if you are the breadwinner in a family so that family don’t need to spread hands after your death in front of others.

Question:– Which company provide us with the best scheme of Insurance Policy?

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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