Extracurricular Activities

August 3, 2019
August 7, 2019

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities

As we all know that extracurricular activities are a very important thing especially for any student. That is important because it has many advantages. It helps someone to develop some skills, also we know one thing that everybody would like to do that thing in which they are expert. It leads to mental and physical growth for students. The study is necessary for everyone. But it is not possible to constantly study for everyone so with study it is necessary to participate in Extracurricular Activities so with a fresh mind, it becomes easy to completely concentrate on studies with fresh mood. That  Activities are necessary for all kids, youths and senior citizens also

Advantages of extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities has some merits. Below we discuss why these Activities are necessary for kids, youth and senior citizens

1)  Extracurricular Activities leads to a fresh mind. In today’s date we all some problems in our either related to financial, or education, or friends or relationship or any personal matter. We all carry so many doubts, stress and frustration in our mind. So Extracurricular Activities are the best solution to forget those negative things for some time. Whenever we participate in  Activities we enjoy it so while doing something like making any arts or participating in any sports etc we forget those things for some time our mind gets a refresh.

2)  Extracurricular Activities is necessary for mental and physical growth. In today’s date, everybody face lot’s of stress because of work. Students suffer from the pressure of studies. Adults suffer from the pressure of work and duty and so on. Sometimes it happens that doing only the same work anybody gets bored and tired and sometimes when pressure studies and work is so much than people do there with the frustrated mind also we see that some people are small in height and some are weak in health as many people get ill so much. So to avoid mental pressure it is necessary to divert the mind from their work for some time. Whenever someone participates in Extracurricular Activities then we feel fresh. Also after doing some  Activities daily, we can do our work with full concentration without any frustration in mind. Also, Extracurricular Activities is necessary to stay healthy because of it sometimes exercises also happens whenever someone participates in outdoor games( Extracurricular Activities) then sweat comes out of the body. As we know that our sweat carries lots of germs and bacteria. So to stay healthy and fit it is necessary to participate in Extracurricular Activities.

3)  Extracurricular Activities is helpful in developing skills. As we know that in today’s date some people take an interest in some Extracurricular Activities like arts, race, badminton, football etc. Then it helps to develop the skills.

Types of extracurricular activitiesExtracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities include the following types

Arts which includes drawings, paintings etc. Many people take interest in arts some people make a good painting or some make good sketches and some can make good arts

Indoor games include chess ludo video games etc. In today’s date, many people would like to play games on their Mobile phone. Very few time people take interest to play ludo bad chess. By playing chess it helps to sharpen our mind because chess is a game which can be played with the brain.

Preparing dishes many people take interest to make something special in a dish. Many people take interest to try to make some new dishes.

Outdoor games many people take interest to play football,  basketball,  volleyball,  badminton,  table tennis,  race etc.


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